Top Ten Tuesday #6 ~ Goals/Resolutions for 2015


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme:

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2015


1. Read 110 books

– This is what I’m setting my Goodreads Challenge at for 2015. I read 110 books this year and just over 100 in 2013 and I am hoping to match, or beat, what I read this year.

2. Complete the 5 challenges I signed myself up for.

– I tried to cover all of my bases with the challenges I chose to do next year. I chose one for my kindle books, one for the books that have been sitting on my bookshelf, one for the audiobooks collecting dust on my kindle fire, and the post that will be going up tomorrow, which will cover all my 2015 e-arcs. Completing all of these challenges will get me most of the way through my 110 book goal.

3. Review, Review, Review.

– I was pretty bad at keeping up with my reviews in 2014 and I definitely want to improve that in 2015.

4. More discussion posts.

– How many discussion posts did I write in 2014? That’s right, none. I am definitely planning on changing this in 2015. P.S. If you have any good discussion topics, feel free to post some in the comments, I could really use some ideas for this one.


– I love getting comments and I want to be better about commenting back as well as commenting on other people’s posts, even if it’s just to say hi.

6. Memes

– I went through a bit of a slump in November and didn’t read very much, which ended up affecting my meme posts for that month. My goal is to be consistent all year round with meme posts and with my blog posts in general.

7. Series

– Off the top of my head there are 4 series that I own all the books for and have only read the first book and I am hoping to finish these series in 2015. I’m talking about the series where all books have been published and are just waiting for me to finish.

8. Classics

– I am also going to try and read a few classics in 2015. I am currently reading Persusion by Jane Austen, which is pretty much my first attempt at reading a classic. In particular, I am hoping to get through Pride and Prejudice as it seems to be a popular choice.

9. Re-read

– It has been a long time since I have re-read a book. That book being the entire Harry Potter Series, which was years ago. Lately I’ve been feeling like re-reading a book means one less new book I read and I am hoping to get over that in 2015. I am hoping to re-read at least one book, which will be Snow Like Ashes. I am planning to re-read that before book 2 comes out.

10. More Water/Less Soda

– I think I’m addicted to soda. If I try to stop drinking soda I start craving it. In 2015 it is my goal to try to drink less and eventually no soda and to drink lots more water. I’m also going to start experimenting with fruit infused water.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #6 ~ Goals/Resolutions for 2015

  1. Haha I used to always drink pop until the rents stopped buying it (and broke me couldn’t afford it on my own), so now water is what I reach for (with the occasional cheat day). Infused water is a great alternative to the nothingness that is water. Just experiment until you find a winning combination.

    Anyways: there are so many series that I really wanted to get around to binge reading this year but didn’t. So many 2015 is the year to fix that!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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