Monthly Wrap-Up ~ January 2015

January 2015 Monthly Wrap-Up

* I will no longer be adding a TBR section to this post. I realized I wasn’t paying much attention to it and not even looking at it after posting. From here on, this post will focus on simply wrapping up the previous month. There will be a section for books read, challenge updates, and resolutions/goals updates.  January was a pretty good month for me and here’s to an even better February.

Books read in January:

  1. Innocent In Las Vegas – A.R. Winters – 4 Stars – Review
  2. Reason To Breathe – Rebecca Donovan – 5 Stars
  3. Weep No More, My Lady – Mary Higgins Clark – 4 Stars – Review
  4. Shame On You – Tara Sivec – 4 Stars
  5. Dead Weight – T.R. Ragan – 4 Stars
  6. Bridges Burned – Chris Cannon – 4 Stars – Review
  7. Water So Deep – Nichole Giles – 5 Stars – (Review will be posted in February)
  8. A Dark Mind – T.R. Ragan – 5 Stars
  9. Obsessed – T.R. Ragan – 5 Stars
  10. Almost Dead – T.R. Ragan – 4 Stars

– Started off this year pretty well, even with the mini reading slump/book hangover I’ve been dealing with for the past week.

Other Reviews from January:

*These books were read in December

  • Twisted Fate by Norah Olson  – 2 Stars –  Review
  • The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Shaun Hutchinson – 5 Stars – Review

Challenge Updates:

What’s In A Name:

– I’ve read and reviewed one book for this challenge. I read Innocent In Las Vegas for the “city” category. You can find the link for the review at the top of this post or click on the updated challenge post here.

TBR Pile Challenge:

– I’ve also read and reviewed one book for this challenge and that was Weep No More, My Lady. Click here for my updated challenge post.

Read Your Freebies Challenge:

– I have not read any of my freebies yet.

Audiobook Challenge:

– I have listened to 3 books from this challenge but have not posted the reviews yet.

Netgalley and Edelweiss Challenge:

– I have read 2 books for this challenge and those reviews will be posted in February.


Resolutions/Goals Updates:

* To see my goals and resolutions post click here. Some of the resolutions/goals were updated earlier in the post so they won’t all be listed here.


– I have read 10/110 books


– I posted 5 review in January. That is a definite improvement over the last few months of last year. It could still be better, but I’m happy with my progress so far.

Discussion posts:

– Haven’t made any progress with this one, but the year is early.


– I feel like so far I’m stating pretty consistent with this one, but I definitely could be doing better.


– I have already missed a couple for this year, so negative on this one so far.


– I have not finished any series yet, but I am now up to date on one of my series.


– Have not read any yet this year, but that will change at some point.

Operation No Soda:

– I have officially gone 31 days without drinking soda. I wasn’t planning to completely stop right away, but it’s worked so far. There have been days where I’ve really wanted soda, but so far I have not given in to any of the cravings.


January certainly went by fast, but overall it was a good month all around for me. I hope you all had a good January and I hope February is good to you.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Reading!


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