Review ~ Forever (Book One of the Abandoned) by Eric Marier

23125381Title: Forever

Author: Eric Marier

Series: The Abandoned #1

Published by: Treasure Map Books, August 26, 2014

Source/Format: Free Kindle Book

My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Summary via Goodreads: Rich, popular Kate Hewitt destroys lives at Sussex High. Mute, violent Kev Anderwaith hasn’t been to school in months. On the day Kev does return, Kate is shocked when the overgrown, social outcast sits next to her in class and claims they’ve both lived previous lives, and keep finding each other, throughout the centuries, falling in love every time.

My Review:

As I do with any free Kindle book, I went into this one with pretty low expectations. Forever by Eric Marier certainly had some issues, but turned out to be interesting and entertaining. This is a short book so it’s a short read and this book sets up the story perfectly for the next book in the series.

Kate is the kind of character that I don’t really expect anyone to like. She is a mean girl. She is rude and insults pretty much everyone in the book at one point or another. I will admit she did grow on me a little bit, but not much. I have a feeling her character is going to do some growing up in the next three books, at least I hope so.

Kev was the bad boy with a heart of gold type character. He lives on the wrong side of town and is picked on because he’s quiet and according to everyone else, a freak. He somehow manages to put up with Kate and almost manages to convince her that she’s who he says she is.

This book desperately needed a proof-reader. There were words that were spelled wrong. There were sentences that were clearly missing words. Overall, the writing wasn’t bad enough for me to stop reading, but the errors were pretty obvious. For those who pay attention to these things there is some bad language and some violence.

This is the first book of four so be expecting a cliffhanger. This book ends with a cliffhanger and according to the author the next two books will as well. This was basically an introduction book. We don’t get too much information about the background and the history, but it sets up perfectly for the next book.

While this wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, it did manage to keep my attention and it was short enough that I read it very quickly and found it interesting. Most likely, I will continue the series as I am kind of intrigued as to what will happen next.

Happy Reading!



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