Disney Song Tag

Saw this tag on Stephanie’s Book Reviews and it was created by Find Me at The Library. I decided to do this Tag because it looked like fun and because like most people, I love Disney.

If you are a Tag kind of person, consider yourself tagged. This one was really fun and if you choose to use the tag, leave me a link. I would love to see your answers.

*All the gifs in this post were found via internet search.

1. A Whole New World – What is your favorite newest fantasy series?

– Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

2. Part Of Your World – What book world would you like to live in?

– The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

3. Let It Go – What book/series do you wish everyone would stop talking about?

– Anna and the French Kiss, only because I haven’t been able to get myself to start reading it and it really is everywhere.

4. When You Wish Upon A Star – What book/series do you wish you could have more of?

– The Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine. There are 15 books in the series, but I’m still sad that it’s done and would love nothing more than to continue the series because I miss it a lot.

5. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – What is the longest book you have read?

– A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin. This bad boy was 1,243 pages according to Goodreads and yeah it took me a while to finish it.

6. Hakuna Matata – What book could you read over and over without a care in the world?

– The only books I have ever re-read in my life have been the Harry Potter books. I read through the series 3 times and will probably do it again someday.

7. A Spoonful Of Sugar – What couple has the sweetest relationship?

– Claire and Shane from the Morganville Vampires Series. They were probably my first OTP. They had their ups and downs, but I really loved them as a couple.

8. You Got A Friend In Me – Who are the best “best friends?”

– My favorite friendship is Rose and Lissa from the Vampire Academy Series.

9. Zero To Hero – What character wasn’t expected to be a hero?

– This is going to be pretty obvious as well, but definitely Neville Longbottom. He certainly didn’t start out as “hero” material, but proved everyone wrong when it counted the most.

10. You’ll Be In My Heart – What character death made you cry the most?

– This Is going to be a spoiler alert if you haven’t read Allegiant yet, so consider yourself warned.

Tris. I couldn’t believe when she died. I was still in that naive state of mind where I believed authors wouldn’t kill off main characters. To say that one shocked me would be a huge understatement  and yes, I cried.

Happy Reading!


5 thoughts on “Disney Song Tag

  1. I still haven’t read Snow Like Ashes. I have it from the library right now, but I don’t think I’ll get to it before it expires. I really want to read the Game of Thrones series, but I’m definitely intimidated by its length. I start to get antsy with books that are over 300 pages haha. I’m glad you did the tag! It’s fun!

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    • I loved Snow Like Ashes so I hope you get to read it eventually. Games of Thrones was definitely not the easiest book to get through, but it’s broken up with different characters so it wasn’t too overwhelming.

      Liked by 1 person

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