Review ~ Alive by Scott Sigler

23199759Title: Alive (The Generations Trilogy #1)

Author: Scott Sigler

Published by: Del Rey; July 14, 2015

Format/Source: E-Arc provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 4 Stars

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A young woman awakes trapped in an enclosed space. She has no idea who she is or how she got there. With only her instincts to guide her, she escapes her own confinement—and finds she’s not alone. She frees the others in the room and leads them into a corridor filled with the remains of a war long past. The farther these survivors travel, the worse are the horrors they confront. And as they slowly come to understand what this prison is, they realize that the worst and strangest possibilities they could have imagined don’t even come close to the truth.

My Review:

Two important things about this book; One, don’t be like me and start it after midnight. There are some really creepy things in this book and not so nice things that might freak some people out. Two, try to go into this book as blind as you can. This is the kind of book that has a lot of surprises and being spoiled will definitely ruin the good surprises.

I loved this book. Like I said, I started reading this book at midnight and wasn’t able to put it down until 5 am when I finally finished it. I was hooked from the very first page. I was iffy on some of the characters, there are some pretty gruesome things in this book, but this book turned out to be completely different then I was expecting, in a really good way.

A group of people, all thinking it’s their twelfth birthday, wake up in a strange room in what appears to be coffins. They look older than twelve and confusion ensues. They form a group and leave the room to try and find food, water, or someone to help them. From there, lots of crazy things happen. Lots of really strange things start to happen.

For the most part, I liked the main character Em, aka M. Savage. Most of the kids go by their last names, which were inscribed on their “coffins”, but Em decides to be different. Savage is a pretty cool name though, so I was a little disappointed by that choice. She was sometimes all over the place with her reactions to things and her emotions.

The biggest problem I had with Em was the way she treated the others. She makes some very not nice comments, to herself, about another female character. Those comments were mean and were really unnecessary. They didn’t add anything to the story other than to make the character seem petty and childish, which is maybe what the author was going for. The way she reacted to some of the male characters was kind of shallow and creepy and really took away from how good of a character she really was.

The writing was pretty good and the story moves along pretty well. The story was really interesting and there are a lot of twists and turns that will surprise you and make you want to keep reading, because who knows what’s going to happen next. I am really looking forward to continuing with the series and I can’t wait to see what crazy stuff happens next.

Happy Reading!


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