Review ~ Red Blooded by Caitlin Sinead

25881154Title: Red Blooded

Author: Caitlin Sinead

Published by: Carina Press; August 3, 2015

Format/Source: E-Arc provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4 Stars

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Instead of eating ramen and meeting frat guys like most college freshmen, Peyton Arthur is on the campaign trail. Traveling with her mother, the Democratic pick for vice president, she’s ordering room service, sneaking glances at cute campaign intern Dylan and deflecting interview questions about the tragic loss of her father. But when a reporter questions her paternity, her world goes into a tailspin.

Dylan left Yale and joined the campaign to make a difference, not keep tabs on some girl. But with the paternity scandal blowing up and Peyton asking questions, he’s been tasked to watch her every move. As he gets to know the real Peyton, he finds it harder and harder to keep a professional distance.

When the media demands a story, Peyton and Dylan give them one—a fake relationship. As they work together to investigate the rumors about her real father and Peyton gets closer to learning the truth, she’s also getting closer to Dylan. And suddenly, it’s not just her past on the line anymore. It’s her heart.


During a campaign stop Peyton is asked to address the rumors regarding her deceased father. Rumors about him not being her biological father. Like she has been trained to do, she shakes off the question, but it plants the seed in her head and she can’t help but wonder if the rumors might be true. When her mother refuses to answer any of her questions, she decides to try and find the truth on her own.

After it’s revealed publicly that Peyton’s not 100% sure of her paternity the media goes wild. After a couple of “missteps,”  involving Peyton trying to figure out the truth about her father, the campaign manager assigns cute intern Dylan to shadow Peyton and make sure she doesn’t get into any more trouble. I expected Dylan to have a stronger reaction about, essentially, being demoted to babysitter. He left Yale to join the campaign because he wanted to make a difference and now he’s stuck playing babysitter. I think at that point he definitely already had feelings for Peyton, so he didn’t hate it as much as i thought he would.

I loved Peyton, although sometimes I felt really bad for her. She idolized her father and it hit her really hard when he died. He wrote a book about it and how she was handling the situation, so the media and the public felt connected to Peyton, like they were sharing her grief. It makes everyone feel like the know her and it gets to her a little bit. She was really smart and I love that she cared about politics, not just because of her mother, and she wasn’t afraid to speak up about things that she cared about.

I really liked Dylan. I love that in the beginning of the book, he and Peyton are already friends. They already knew each other and liked each other. He is extremely driven and cares a lot about politics. He wants to make a difference and he’s dedicated. He eats, sleeps, and breathes politics, so it was fun to see him slowly step back a little and start to care about Peyton, and not just the campaign.

The fake relationship was pretty entertaining. They were already sort of heading in that direction, and it was interesting to see them pretend that it wasn’t more than it was. It works out pretty well and they slowly start to develop real feeling, but then one of them, of course, has to do something stupid, and it creates tension. Now they really have to fake it and it was very entertaining. Overall, I really loved the relationship and I’m so happy with how it turned out.

The one thing I was worried about with this book was the politics. I’m not a very political person, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t connect with the book, but I didn’t have a problem at all with it. It was easy enough to follow along with everything that was going on.

I loved this book for so many reasons. The romance was really sweet and I enjoyed that there was a little bit of a mystery in regards to Peyton’s biological father. It was a easy read and I was able to read it in one sitting. I highly recommend this book and I’m looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.

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