ARC August Update #1 ~ August 1-9, 2015

arc august

The bad news is that since ARC August started, I have added about 6 ARCs to my TBR, but the good news is that I’ve already crossed 10 ARCs off of my list. A few of then were under 300 pages, so those went pretty fast, but I’ve also been really enjoying the books I’ve been reading lately, except for one of them, and I seem to be flying through them.

My goal for ARC August was to read all of my September ARCs and it’s looking pretty good. I’ve only got 4 of them left. Now my goal is to try and make a dent in my October and November ARCs. I’ve also tried my best to be productive and I’ve written reviews for about half of the books I’ve read.

Books Read: 10


Blackmail Boyfriend – Chris Cannon

Has To Be Love – Jolene Perry

Ash & Bramble – Sarah Prineas

Dumplin’ – Julie Murphy

Burn Girl – Mandy Mikulencak

Violent Ends – Multiple Authors

Cut Both Ways – Carrie Mesrobian

Are You Still There – Sarah Lynn Scheeger

Mirrored – Alex Flinn

Blood and Salt – Kim Liggett


To Be Read For Week 2:



How are you doing with ARC August? Let me know in the comments. Check back next Monday for update #2.

Happy Reading!


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