Top Ten Tuesday #29 ~ Books I wish I had DNF’d


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme:

Top Ten Nine Books I Wish I Had DNF’d

*This week is all about quitting. One of the suggestions was about the last books I had DNF’f, but if you’ve been following me for a while, you would know that I’m not really a DNF’er. So for this week’s topic I decided to go with the top 9 books I wish I had DNF’d. As usual, these are in no particular order.


 1.  Hotel Ruby – Suzanne Young

 – I loved the setting. The Hotel was incredible, unfortunately the story was extremely predictable and a little boring.

 2. The Unquiet – Mikaela Everett

 – This book was way longer then it should have been and it felt like work trying to read it.

 3. if You’re Lucky – Yvonne Prinz

 – Another extremely predictable story, that I felt like I’d read many times before.


 4. The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

 – I wish I could have stopped before the “thing” happened and pretend that it didn’t happen.

 5. The Best of Me – Nicholas Sparks

 – I was loving this book and the ending filled me with so much rage that I wanted to throw something.

 6. Awake – Natasha Preston

 – I pretty much hated this book and wish I had never actually read it.


 7. Cut Both Ways – Carrie Mesrobian

 – This book didn’t have any substance to it and it was a total waste of time.

 8. Twisted Fate – Norah Olson

 – This book really got on my nerves and the twist didn’t seem very well thought out.

 9. Stealing Cynderella – Katie Gallagher

 – This book features extreme insta-love and I pretty much hated the main characters. It’s also not a good sign that you give away one of the big plot points in the summary.

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Happy Reading!


21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #29 ~ Books I wish I had DNF’d

    • That’s why I haven’t wanted to watch the movie at all. Reading it was hard enough, I don’t want to have to watch that ending. I had kind of low expectations of Cut Both Ways and it ended up being worse than I thought it was gonna be.


    • Be very glad you didn’t get very far into Awake because it just kept getting worse. If You’re Lucky was interesting, but it was so predictable. The kind of predictable that makes you want to skip to the end because you know you already figured it out.


  1. it’s just been since I’ve started reviewing that I’ve really given myself the freedom to not finish books that I am dreading or can’t get into, etc. Endings that fill me with rage are the worst though – especially when I’ve liked the book otherwise. You just feel like you’ve wasted that time of your life and won’t ever get it back, right? My TTT

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s exactly how I felt about The Best of Me. I was absolutely loving it and then the ending just ruined the whole thing. Usually I can understand why an author would choose a certain ending, but that ending did not need to happen.

      I really need to get into the habit of choosing not to finish a book. Once I start I always feel like I have to finish them.

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