Review ~ Falling For The Wrong Guy by Sara Hantz

26142273Title: Falling For The Wrong Guy

Author: Sara Hantz

Published by: Entangled Crush; October 12, 2015

Format/Source: E-Arc provided by the publisher via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 4 Stars

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Ruby Davis has a crush on her brother’s best friend. At least, he was his bestie until the big betrayal. Now Drew is off limits to everyone, especially Ruby. She can’t stand the way people treat him, or the way he feels about himself. It isn’t right. And those deep green eyes are calling to her.

Drew is scarred and damaged, and he has no business even looking at Ruby. But he can’t help himself. She’s beautiful, but he does his best to stay away. When they are assigned a school project, they become reluctant friends – even though they want so much more.

She’s torn between her feelings for Drew and loyalty to her brother. There’s no way they can ever be together…but love just might find a way.


Falling For The Wrong Guy is a book that tries to tackle some tough subjects and it wasn’t executed in the best way, but I think the overall message of forgiveness and grieving came across really well. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put this book down. I really bonded with Ruby and how she handled all of the intense situations going on in this book. I ended up really enjoying this book.

Ruby has had a crush on Drew for as long as she can remember, but she’s always just been his best friend, Blake’s, little sister. When Drew betrays Blake with his on/off girlfriend and an accidental fire causes her death, it leaves Drew scarred and al alone to dry to deal with his grief and guilt.Ruby is naturally on her brothers side until Drew shows up at school after a year, and it’s all too obvious to Ruby that he needs help. He blames himself for what happened and thinks his scars are his punishment.

When Ruby and Drew are paired together for a science project, she realizes she still has feelings for Drew. Drew on the other hand may be starting to realize his feelings for her, but he doesn’t want to hurt her or Blake anymore than he feels he already has. He is on a path to self destruction that Ruby is all too familiar with. She’s been dealing with her dad going down the same path since he was burned in an accidental fire at work.

I really felt for Drew. He really didn’t have anyone to help him. He blamed himself for the fire and is struggling with why he survived and she didn’t. He sees his scars as punishment for what he’s done. He tries to avoid Ruby because he doesn’t feel like he should have the chance to be happy. He feels like he doesn’t deserve to have happiness anymore.

I really liked Ruby. She was dealing with a lot of strong personalities around her and she handled better than I would have. She’s got her dad, who spends all day wallowing in self-pity, her brother who can’t seem to let go of his anger, and Drew, who is punishing himself. She realizes that Drew is on a similar path to her father and knows that she needs to figure out a way to help him, except he doesn’t want to let her help.

Eventually Blake and Drew come face to face, as you would expect, and I appreciated the scene, but I felt like it was a little too easy. I was expecting just a little more seriousness out of the scene. Blake spends a whole year with all of this anger and we didn’t really see any of it in that scene. I was expecting it to be a little more intense, but I appreciated that thy had their moment.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It definitely wasn’t always as serious as I wanted it to be, but the story came across well and if you are already a fan of Entangled books, then I definitely recommend this one.

Happy Reading!


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